My homage to Ladies everywhere …

To talk about women … should really be to not talk about them but look at them in awed admiration, with gestures of tenderness rather than just whittering on about them. For a man to be capable of regarding a woman in such a way means that he has had at least one other woman in his life, his mother.

No man can remain ignorant of the truly horrendous things that are done around the world to women. The news will inform him of young girls kidnapped from their schools, of female victims of all sorts of crime, of the injustices and brutality that are perpetuated on women in our supposedly modern society of ‘equal rights’. Despite all this, one poor man is reaching out to the world’s women with love and tenderness.

It is only a date in the calendar, but if it reminds ‘man’ on just this one day of the year that it is ‘woman’ who makes the world a brighter place, then International Women’s Day deserves to exist.

Ladies of the world, I embrace you. I love you all. Every one of you. Stay well, be happy and may you receive all the love and tenderness you so richly deserve.


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